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Here’s a Guild with all the makings of a classic: an arched-back jumbo body, a rich 12-string sound, and a vintage-inspired look – all at a great price. The Guild F-2512E Maple’s bold projection and lively tone set it apart in a mix, as do its folksy 12-string chorused textures. Its Slim C neck profile with 1-7/8″ nut width strikes a good balance between 6-string familiarity and 12-string comfort. This guitar belongs to the Westerly series of acoustics and pays tribute to Guild’s golden-era flat tops with some exciting vintage specs and a retro red tortoiseshell pickguard. The F-2512E Maple includes the AP-1 pickup for a clean sound that plugs straight into a PA.

Guild’s heritage as one of America’s premier early guitar makers is acknowledged in the F-2512E Maple. Solid Sitka spruce and maple meet in a Guild Jumbo body with an arched back for a big sound and great playing experience. A real bone nut and saddle deliver golden-era sustain and clarity. And a 1960s red tortoiseshell pickguard gives this guitar a look that was made to be seen.

The Westerly series’ AP-1 piezo pickup is one of the better options Sweetwater has seen in this price range. The sound is full and dynamic onstage, and it pairs great with a microphone for recording parts at home or in the studio. Volume and tone controls are mounted directly in the soundhole for easy access, and for a look that won’t detract from your guitar’s natural beauty.

The F-2512E Maple’s clean playability will help channel all your creative ideas into beautiful music. Seasoned players will notice right away the F-2512E Maple’s slinky string action all along the 25.5″ scale length C-shaped neck. This 12-string’s 1-7/8″ nut width spaces strings out comfortably for a traditional acoustic experience that is neither awkward nor cramped.







36 reviews for F-2512e Maple – Natural – Guild

  1. J Danner

    Wow, Guild 2512E – Just received my Guild 2512E as a Birthday/Holiday gift. I haven’t had a 12-string in over 30 years and I wanted to get a new one.

  2. Brad Berridge

    Great guitar for a great price – This guitar is killer for the price. Out of the box, it played great. Sound is clear and even. Very bright which I am sure will mello with time. I am very excited I made this purchase.

  3. Kevin Rocci

    Very very nice – I have had this for few months now and at first it felt very cheap as far as the wood. But I have to say this is a very nice playable 12 string. And what I mean is it stays in pretty good tune.

  4. Dave Sherman

    It’s a GUILD!!! – If you never thought you would own a Guild (12-string) guitar, SURPRISE!!! You can!!! This F251-12E serves up so much bang for the buck, ay more and it would be illegal. It has surprisingly.

  5. Mark

    A Sound Cannon! – I shopped for this guitar for weeks, changed my mind several times but I kept landing back on this Guild… I’ve played since I was 12 years old and always dreamed of having a twelve. I was.

  6. Greg Mathwick

    Guild 12 String – At this price point you would be hard-pressed to find a better value. Sweetwater takes care to ship the instrument already tuned and set up.

  7. Randie Coulter

    Awesome 12 String! – First of all, let me thank Ashton and the sales reps at Sweetwater! They have always been professional and of the utmost help with my purchases and any questions I have had! As to this guitar.

  8. Don Gonzales

    2512E Guild 12 string – This 12 string guitar represents what makes the Guild 12 strings famous! It has a really outstanding tone from the deep bottom to the clear as a bell highs- I’ve been playing guitar since 1963.

  9. Henry

    Love it! – I got this guitar about 6 months ago, and I absolutely love it. I don’t want to play anything else. It has a rich, full sound, and with its size, it can really sing.

  10. Jack

    Nice for the price – Nice 12 String. The setup way great. The action is very light and very playable. Feels great to the touch. Great hand feel. Nice bold sound.

  11. Customer

    Welcome Home – In 1972 I bought a Guild F-212, similar to this one and played it until 1987. All these years later I bought this 12 string and immediately felt like I was back home.

  12. Kenny Bergle

    Killer! – I’ve owned lots of other 12 strings and this baby plays the easiest of any I’ve ever played. With the bowed back, it’s loud like a cannon.

  13. Doug N.

    Absolutely Amazing – I own several high quality 12 string guitars, but never played a Guild. It”s amazing! The quality and craftsmanship is perfect.

  14. Mark Byndas

    Best 12 string for the money! – I have had a 12 string Takamine for 30 years and thought that was great. I took a ride on this Guild and I couldn’t believe the tone read more and sound from this 12.

  15. David Dean

    Great Sound, Great Value! – When I first heard of this guitar, I was a little put off by the maple back and sides because my past experience has been that maple back and sides means the guitar will sound overly bright.

  16. kevin price

    12 string guild – plays very well love this guitar.

  17. Mark Anderson

    You need this! – I own several Taylor guitars and have owned Guilds in the past as well as having played an early 70’s Martin D-18 12 string that my cousin had. I know good guitars.

  18. Jacob Kassner

    Great guitar – Amazing sound and great hold!.

  19. Richard

    Good for price but Narrow string spacing – Nice guitar. Nice big body. Fairly nice sound. Very light. But its not the Guilds of old. The string spacing is significantly narrower than on traditional Guild 12-strings (I have had many).

  20. Jack Frost

    Guild 12 string F-2512E – Nice tone. Great playability. Nice hand feel.

  21. Dan Gamble

    Love This Guitar! – I’ve now had the opportunity to use this guitar in a live performance situation and I must say, I love this guitar! It has a huge sound, stays in tune, and the onboard electronics sound very.

  22. Mark T

    Completely satisfied!! – I struggled with buying a lower priced acoustic 12 string for months. The reason was I have owned many higher and lower end guitars.

  23. Scott

    Great Guitar! – Guild and Sweetwater (Tom Koch) have come through for me again! This Guild F-2512E is an amazing guitar–for the money, and just amazing period! It plays and sounds great. Incredibly, it’s.

  24. Scott

    Top-Notch 12-String – I’ve already reviewed this guitar, But I’ll say it again: The Guild F-2512E is a great guitar! I’ve got more expensive 12s, but this one plays better than any of the others, and it sounds fantastic.

  25. Dave Cox

    Guild F-2512E 12 String – Got this guitar a few days ago and absolutely love the tone and sustain for a 12string acoustic. As with all my guitars, they go to my luthier right out of the box to be adjusted and re-strung.

  26. David Dean

    Addendum to my previous review – First, a correction: I meant to type “NO” sloppy gluing or joins, not “So”. Another factor in why it did not get a 5-star rating is the case.

  27. Nikolas

    $500 for a million dollar sound! – I’ve always been an acoustic guitar player and switch between 6-string and 12-string models. I grew up playing Washburn acoustic guitars and loved the sound and play ability of their 6 strings.

  28. Dolf Small

    Guild F-2512E Maple-Blonde – Took a road tip to the Sweetwater complex (awesome place) Had several other 12 strings on my radar before I got there. Played read more several and I saw a guy put this axe back on the rack,.

  29. Jim

    Lush Tones – Just what I wanted in this price range. Plays great. Rich, lush sound and stays in tune.


    Great Guitar, Prompt Delivery, Pro Setup & Co. Follow-up – I am amazed that this GREAT guitar was delivered in 2 days, via Standard Shipping, and ready-to-play, right out of the box. This is my first dealing with Sweetwater.

  31. Ben Garner

    Great Guitar – Guild F-2512e So I did a lot of online research for a 12 string acoustic. My read more personal preference is a Taylor 12. For me that’s what I compare most 12’s to.

  32. Mr. H

    Great Beginner 12 string Guitar – I really do appreciate the sound of a 12 string guitar and this model has exceeded my expectations. Its cost is at a lower end but the sound read more is really great.

  33. Wade Handy

    Great 12 String – A very simple but effective 12 string. Great balance between strings, and came with very nice action.The gig bag is very substantial and offers great protection.

  34. Howard

    Guild 12-string – came right out of the box ready to play. Great service as usual from the folks at Sweetwater. More than satisified.

  35. John

    Enormous sound – I shopped for a year playing, researching, inquiring what we’re the best 12 string for the money.mixed brands were tossed out, but guild read more kept coming upafter considering cost.

  36. richard luna

    12 string guild – i received my guild f 2512 today, i bought it to replace a fender 12 string with no electronics. played the guild at my local guitar shop and knew i had to have it..

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