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In this lesson students will use a drum grid to notate a drum pattern. It makes it easy to transfer the information to digital drum machines that can be found online, in music software and apps. I have recommendations in the lesson plan of the free online drum machines I have used with my classes. Students love being creative and coming up with their own beats!




Randy's Music Jam

5 reviews for Drum Machine Composition Lesson – Randy’s Music Jam – Randy’s Music Jam

  1. Jeffry Siewert

    Great drum option – This is a great option for a drum track for practice or live applications. This pedal utilizes the natural rhythm technique that a guitar read more player is used to by strumming the strings.

  2. Sweetwater Customer

    Fun and games with my new studio toy. – This SDRUM is a kick.I feel kinda down sometimes,go into my studio,get it all connected,fire it all up,let everything warm up,tweak read more a few knobs,and let the games begin.

  3. Sweetwater Customer

    Way better than expected, would highly recommend – I was a little leary on this since the reviews are kind of back and forth. Bottom line, it sounds great and is EASY to get a really great beat read more out of it when you learn how to use.

  4. Tim Moran

    Way better than a metronome…. – A friend who is a professional musician advised me to get a drum machine rather than practicing with a metronome, so when the SDRUM read more went on sale at Sweetwater, I went for it. It.

  5. Randy L Gourley

    SDRUM – SDRUM is a Great pedal for practice at home and still have a drummer. It is more advanced and high tech than I thought.

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