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This is probably one of the best sets for for anyone who spends time outdoors. This set is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, emergency preparedness, or as part of a survival kit. The pan and pot can nest into each other for storage. It contains enough room to add utensils and more. Plus the mesh bag has a string on it so if you don’t want to take up your backpack space you can just hook it to the outside.

The pot and pan set are also non toxic, non stick, and easy to wash. The handle is foldable and easy for storage, with silicone tube cover to protect your from burning.

All the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for convenient carry. And it contains room to carry other items like salt,stove, to keep your overall space consumption to a minimum.

EASY TO USE AND OPERATE – This state of the art back country stove system is one of the fastest and most efficient systems on the market. Its radiant burner features a unique enclosed heat exchanger that excels in windy conditions. No priming, preheating, or pressurizing is required; Boils one liter of water in just 2 minutes and flame easily adjusts from a simmer to a rolling boil for gourmet cooking in the outdoors.





53 reviews for Ultralight Outdoor Camping Cooking Gear (piezo Ignition Canister Stove + Cooking Pot Set) – Lite Pack – INNOLIVIN

  1. David Dufresne

    I have only used this once and I am already impressed. There is great simmer control and it can fit into my pocket.

  2. AdamN

    Thiis stove is amazing and its tiny. I had mine for about 10 years and igniter still works fine. I have been carrying matches but never had to use them.

  3. TrailGnome

    I chose this stove because it is lightweight, uses gas canisters, and has an ignitor. Within the first few weeks, the ignitor stopped working.

  4. stinkyhiker

    I was getting ready to buy the Snowpeak stove of similar design. The girl at REI suggested this one and said the staff liked it better. I got home and played with it.

  5. Toani

    You’ll need some pliers to turn this off, and to hold the pot if it has a small handle. The stove gets very hot quick at an altitude of 5000 ft.

  6. Bob Mc

    After trying to cook spaghetti, and then tomato sauce with Jetboil with regular valve (basically on/off, or full on /3/4 on/off), I am very happy that the valve on the Mighty Mo works as advertised.

  7. Artou

    Exceeds expectations – This little stove performs superb. The unit was put together very loose and seemed like someone had taken it apart. Once I found the right combo of stacking, it opens better and is not loose.

  8. West TX Hunter

    Great Single Burner Stove!! – This is a great little burner, I have used several in the last 2 years and none of them last longer than a few months. I have taken this on several solo camping trips with me and its perfect.

  9. jostper,

    Inexpensive, portable and versatile. – This little burner is so compact that I bought several for myself to put in my B.O.B., work truck, camping equipment and for the apartment in case of emergency.

  10. Dave

    I used the original stove and had NO issues. It weighed about 3.6 oz. When it gets cold, ALL stoves require more fuel.

  11. Sidekickmh

    Stove – Just finished cooking breakfast on it works great easy to light.

  12. Dhdj

    Worked perfectly – Easy to use and worked Great. We used it for a week of camping for family of 6.

  13. Wilson59

    Worked great for canning… – Bought this to set up a outside area for canning. Worked better than I hoped for.

  14. Bill F

    Packable stove – Great little stove. Easy to store and pack into the back country. Very light when weight is limited.

  15. mrnorke

    Small. Boiled water pretty quick. I am happy with it. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  16. jenkimar

    Works like a charm but….it wobbles – Bought this stove to replace my more than 20-year-old Jetboil. It’s very quiet, compact and is very easy to go from barely a simmer to a full boil.


    BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!! – Took on a kayaking trip. Well built, simple and functional. Not a lot of whistles and bells ( that can and will break) Price point is perfect.

  18. Ron,

    Good buy. – Met and exceeded expectations. A bit concerned about proper balance of pans but with a stable/level cooking surface performs well. Highly compact storage and self contained ignition device.

  19. Bon C

    The lil heater that can! – Heats up like crazy all around good heater cant be to hard on it cause im using it for something thats not one of its selling points. Not very quiet and propane will leak out if left connected.

  20. TroyGriff361

    Excellent for Camping – I have used this stove on each of my camping trips over the last two years. It is my go-to stove for anything that needs to be cooked in a pot.

  21. S588

    I purchased this awesome little Snow Peak Giga Power to replace a 29 year old Trangia Alcohol stove system. I loved the simplicity of the Trangia.

  22. Spirited Explorer

    The design of this stove is excellent. I decided to try the Snowpeak Gigapower because I liked having four supports that are flat to hold the pots. My cookware feels very stable on this stove.

  23. MDSkiDad

    Overall this is a great little stove.as long as you do not mind the igniter not working. I have been through two of these and both igniters stopped working within a few uses.

  24. 1986Jughead

    THE PERFECT STOVE – I bought this stove for work three weeks ago; it performs flawlessly and is perfect for what I do. It doesn’t waste time and I believe it’s the safest (flame not exposed when boiling water,.

  25. Pepesilvia

    Just came back from two days of car camping. I was trying to decide this or a $10 stove on Amazon. Glad I went with this! It’s an excellent, well built stove that worked flawlessly.

  26. ranger sierra

    I appreciate how light and compact this stove is as well as how quickly it boils water and it’s simmering abilities. The part that concerns me is the igniter failed on my first time using it,.

  27. Alannah

    I bought this because it is cheaper and was within my budget at the time. I found that it was hard to control the flame and had to reignite my stove because I set it too low and would accidentally.

  28. Steve,

    Camping stove – Great little burner. Can’t wait to try it. It’ll be great for backpacking.

  29. Packrat J

    A must have – But my jetboil a month ago it is a must-have if you’re going to have Mountain House meals on thru hikes only takes a minute or two to heat your food it’s worth the money.

  30. Stuman

    I purchased this pack stove because I couldn’t justify spending the $100 for one of the fancier brands. This product does exactly what you need it to do.

  31. Kyle

    Perfect setup! – I love how it is stored in the box, it has slots for cooking utensils, and extra butane bottles. Only problem is I can’t find utensils that will fit the slots.

  32. AmyG

    I bought this nifty stove right before heading out with buddies who had a full counter stove. Just to be safe and it was great! It’s pretty susceptible to light breezes, unfortunately.

  33. Sparky

    Thru hiked the AT with this at the recommendation of a guy who thru hiked the AT with this. The auto ignite never died, and that was the main selling point for me.

  34. Norsemen

    On day two of my current AT through hike the ignitor started shorting to the center column. By day five the burner could not even boil water in 40 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

  35. Peter Pan

    Easy to set up and use. – I bought this stove a little over a year ago and have enjoyed it. No problems over a number of multi overnight or longer trips.

  36. Bigjohn

    First backpacking stove I have bought. – I purchased this stove about a month ago for my upcoming backpacking trip. This is my first trip and my first stove. My initial impression of the stove is great. The metal seems thick and sturdy.

  37. fancycamper

    I was immediately not impressed with this stove. The handle which allows you to turn the gas up or down fell off the first time I tried to use it! The indicator is also very confusing: turning.

  38. Boxstand,

    Compact. – I like how compact this item is. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet. I am looking forward in doing so. I like the container it came in.

  39. James M

    Works Great!!! – I bought this for a camping trip. Had been going back and forth on whether I should get the Coleman. This stove works great. I had no problems and it works just as well as my friend’s Coleman.

  40. Curtat60067,

    Combined properties exceeded expectations – Works as expected with a hot flame, compact, easy to operate with auto-ignition. Comes with a small plastic case making it easy to store and carry in a backpack.

  41. Lala7171

    Awesome buy!! – I just came back from camping where I used the stove every day and it work perfectly. The toaster is such a great idea it worked awesome. I recommend this product 100%. Worth every cent.

  42. countdown123

    I bought this product recently and used it for the first time on a 32 mile backpacking section hike of the Georgia AT (3.25 days) July 4th weekend. I wanted a stove that was lightweight.

  43. MaralushaUSMC

    Just as advertised – I bought the Jetboil Flash for a camping trip in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It boiled water very quickly as advertised. I also bought the Jetboil pot support and French Press .

  44. Randy

    I’ve used it car camping to supplement my Jetboil which I use for making coffee. I used this with a frying pan to make bacon and pancakes. Large burner spreads heat around.

  45. TooLate

    I have a couple of similar stoves but this one caught my attention because of it’s extra large burner. It spreads the heat much better than the smaller, lighter, burners.

  46. Jeep Guy

    Works perfect – We camp regularly about once a month and use this stove for every meal during our weekend trips. The stove is about 1 year old and it still works perfect.

  47. GloSpark

    Easy to handle! – Tested it out while camping and its amazing ! Love it! Love it ! Love it! Worth buying another one.

  48. stinkyhiker

    So I finally had a chance to use it in the woods. And, of course, that’s when it decided to quit. The stove itself actually works fine. But the piezo igniter is broken.

  49. GinKS

    igniter fail! – I bought one from Academy and used it twice for camping. It worked well. On the third camping trip, the piezo-electric igniter failed.

  50. sturusso

    I originally purchased this stove for a backcountry fishing trip, thankfully we brought other sources of food that didn’t need to be heated up. The stove fired up great the first 2 or 3 times.

  51. Ladytxn38

    Best Purchase Ever! – This Camp Chef stove was a better value than the Coleman 3 burner cook stove and it’s proven to be 1,000 times more versatile! Purchased in August we took it on a long camping weekend at Guadalupe.

  52. Dguy

    Great Little Camp Stove – The Directions were Clear. Easy to Set up and Wife didn’t complain.

  53. Beewalker

    3 Burners and Quality Construction – Plenty of burners for cooking multiple items at the same time. Appears to be well-built. Will purchase accessories at a later date.

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