Stainless Steel Large Bush Pot And Lid Set – 120oz

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Large 120oz Capacity. Excellent for the camp chef when a larger meal is a must. Nests very well with other Pathfinder Stainless Steel for easy storage.





22 reviews for Stainless Steel Large Bush Pot And Lid Set – 120oz

  1. chop,

    This should be an automatic Buy now – Ok here is the scoop, The large pot is approximately 4 7/8″ high and the circumference is approximately 5 3/4″ the large pot weighs approximately 9 oz. The smaller pot weighs in at approximately.

  2. Madame P

    We used this camping pot on the campfire. The water boiled fast, and it poured neatly into the French press for coffee. We also used it to cook a can of beans.

  3. RoscoeIV

    I use this pot for backpacking trips with a group of 3 or more. It is perfect for one pot meals for medium to large size groups.

  4. John F

    An excellent value in a large pot. It’s lightweight – especially considering its size – and very practical for use on short or long trips with larger groups.

  5. Amon81

    Fantastic bit of Kit – Just had it arrive, usual brilliant service from Heinnie! Not used it yet, but own other Pathfinder products, this 2nd gen has much better handles than the version 1 that put me off getting.

  6. Le Texan

    I agree with everything said so far by the other reviewers, and I have only one thing to add. The handle is sooo nice for hauling water to your cook site.

  7. w5ese

    I’ve owned this cookpot for about 27 years, and have used it on many trips. The simple design of this product hasn’t changed in many years; no real reason to.

  8. kgeiger

    I used this to replace my gooseneck kettles for camp coffee. Gooseneck kettles are obnoxious to travel with and just take up too much space.

  9. Artou,

    Great pots! – This set is great. Pots are very thick unlike any other small stainless pots I’ve found to date. They distribute heat well and the handles stay cool, I haven’t had to use a pot holder.

  10. Neeman

    A solid kettle that can be used for water and cooking They are easy to clean as there are no annoying ridges inside the kettle to catch food I use it on both a stove and in the fire The stainless.

  11. Vito,

    Good backpacking cook set – I bought this set for backpacking. The Coleman Peak 400 stoves fit pretty well in the larger pot. The size is ideal for one or two campers depending on what your cooking.

  12. TTT123

    For backpacking this a durable item that is quite robust for it’s small size. Works well over an open fire and will adequately serve one person quite well for making rehydrated meals and hot.

  13. garyy

    Smaller than expected and fairly light stainless steel. Definitely a back packing pot that can be used in many ways. Quality seems fair. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  14. joblo183

    this is a great basic pot. it’s aluminum, not titanium, so you know it isn’t the lightest thing out there, but totally servicable.

  15. pez

    Agree with everyone. I wanted lighter and looked at the 4L Titanium pot. 15.9 oz for Titanium vs 16 oz for this Aluminum pot. ??? [$] for this Aluminum one and $99.

  16. Hiker72

    I am very happy to see REI is now carrying the Snow Peak Kettle #1. I am a Cub Scout Leader who’s oldest son just crossed over into Boy Scouts, my youngest is set to cross over in early 2017.

  17. ReallyExpensiveIncorporated

    Thetitanium pot, while nice, is 19% heavier than the 15$ aluninum 4L pot (#401068)and 600% (6X) more expensive. The nonstick finish is nice, but backpacking takes a toll on such luxuries.

  18. drrm,

    Thrilled with Perfect Camping Set at Great Price! – Great set. Was looking for a stainless steel pot this size for camping so I was thrilled to find this set. Very versatile. Large pot is great for cooking or as a container to wash other dishes.

  19. Ernie,

    Ozark Trail cookware set. – I like the compactness and the stainless steel very rugged for what it is. I would buy this again.

  20. thelarry

    This is a nice pot for the price and very light weight, but I have to disagree on the claim that it is durable. The first trip I used it, it got bent out of shape from cramming gear in my pack.

  21. Garry

    Thumbs up ! – Ordered and delivered in two days, this Bush pot is excellent quality and design is perfect for open fire cooking. Very sturdy and highly recommended especially at £21.95 and in stainless steel.

  22. Laid Back Camper

    I’ve used this a couple of times to heat up liquid specifically water and milk. Specifically for hot chocolate and hot water for instant ramen. Water/milk got heated up really fast.

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