Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

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Summer bags are suitable for temperatures of about 30°F and higher. They’re lightweight (because less insulation means less weight), and they pack down tiny (often as small as a cantaloupe). Summer bags often have full-length zippers, which allow you to zip them almost completely open for ventilation (or to use as a quilt) when the night gets really steamy. Most summer bags are simple sacks without too many bells and whistles.



19 reviews for Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

  1. mysandy

    I had one of these years ago when my husband and I used to go camping. It’s a great idea since sleeping in separate bags you tend to cause the bag to shift every time you move.

  2. barnstead555,

    Great buy – I like the color and feel of this sleeping bag . It is warm enough for our weather but not too bulky.

  3. Kell,

    Great for light use – Bought two of these for a family camp out, since we had two guys with no bags who don’t like to be too warm at night . The bags are decently made and easy to pack.

  4. scott924m,

    exellent – this is a very nice sleeping bag it is large and soft if you don’t like to feel trapped this is one for you it has a bit if factory smell but nothing a wash with fabric softener wont fix it.

  5. Edwardsjourney

    Great lightweight double sleeping bag. We use it in our RV over the dinette sleeper. It will separate to use as 2 individual sleeping bags. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. twmeyer,

    Great buy – It’s a great value for $10. The zipper is light weight and gets hung up, but really what do you expect for the money the material feel good, it’s a quality sleeping bag.

  7. MtnQuilter,

    I only buy Coleman products. They are the best on the market and this sleeping bag did not disappoint me. very warm on a cold night at camp in a tent.

  8. pato loco

    This sleeping bag is perfect for camping and I like it. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. Anonymous

  10. Hamilton

    I used this sleeping bag for the first time with my boyfriend at Death Valley this weekend and had doubts it wasn’t going to keep us warm enough. Despite my doubts, this sleeping bag kept us.

  11. Anonymous

  12. DStuart

    This sleeping bag is awesome, it was actually big enough to fit 2 adults and 1 child! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  13. Gammas,

    Ozark Trail Warm Weather Sleeping Bag – I purchased 2 of these sleeping bags for my teen grandsons to go to camp. They said they were very comfortable, they didn’t sleep to hot or cold.

  14. Ash felicita

    So me and my partner recently order this sleeping bag and it was so amazingly warm and comfortable when we were camping I like how you can pull it apart so that way each of us had our own blanket.

  15. SavvieGranny,

    well-made, cozy and roomy – Although I do my own online research when ‘shopping’ a product, I also pay close attention to WalMart customer reviews – which influenced my purchase of this particiular Coleman model sleeping.

  16. vlynn9444

    This is such an awesome sleeping bag. It is not super thin or anything which is great it will definitely keep you warm.

  17. Riding2Heaven,

    A very good Sleeping bag! – The ozark trail sleeping bag is a great buy! At under $10.00, it’s a great deal. And with 97 cent shipping to home, it’s unbelievable.

  18. jlmik,

    Very roomy! – We got 2 of these sleeping bags to zip together on a full size bed at our cabin. Would easily fit a queen size.

  19. We Love Tent Camping!,

    Enjoyed our Oak Point Cool Weather Sleeping Bags – My husband and I used this sleeping bag tent camping recently in 30 degree weather. We zipped two together for a nice ample queen size which overlapped our queen inflatable mattress.

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