Pool Above Sound Asleep Air Mattress Flocked Grey Smooth Beige Vinyl Repair Patch Glue Kit – Stormsure

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10 reviews for Pool Above Sound Asleep Air Mattress Flocked Grey Smooth Beige Vinyl Repair Patch Glue Kit – Stormsure

  1. Megg,

    Worth Every Penny – After reading the reviews I decided to purchase this mattress for everyday use until I am able to afford to get an actual mattress. So far, I have not been disappointed.

  2. KewpieLou,

    Solved our problem for a comfy temporary bed! – We needed a queen-sized bed for temporary use and after reading reviews for the Simmons Beautyrest model we bought it. They included a note that it might need additional air put in each night.

  3. WallieWorldShopper2,

    Good buy for the price – We haven’t used this yet but we tried laying on it. Seems comfy and we like the pump that also expels the air. Unfortunately, of the two we ordered, one was sent back.

  4. T680,

    Comfortable air bed that’s fast inflating – I got the Bestway Twin airbed for two main purposes: as a back up guest bed and also to use when tent camping if I have an 120 volt electrical hookup at the campsite. I slept on it one night.

  5. IdahoWolfie,

    Amazingly Easy and great! – Bestway Airbed with Built-in Pump 10 Feb 2018 This Bestway Airbed (twin size) is so cool! Ok took it out of the box, and unrolled it. The first thing is yes it’s a built in pump, not one that.

  6. photogdeb,

    Easy Blow Up, Easy air Out, and Comfy – Where were these yrs ago when I was camping out. Plug it in turn the knob to on and this bed fills up so fast with air, I was impressed.

  7. iunique1,

    GREAT PURCHASE – Recently moved and purchased this to last, and so far it’s lasted 2 weeks without inflation. It’s definitely a real sized queen bed, able to fit 2 adults (male and female – mid 20’s – at 5’11.

  8. ksjch,

    Great product indeed. – I’m pretty impressed with this Bestway brand blow up matress. It is 12″ high and has got a very soft and velvety material on top which makes it feel so soft and comfy when you sleep on it,.

  9. kesa76,

    Great for any occasion – We have owned several airbeds before and all were great until they developed holes in them from kids jumping on them. My experience so far with the Bestway Airbed with Built-in Pump has been.

  10. Liselm,

    Comfy air mattress – I used this mattress for a weekend visit and it worked great. It filled up in about 5 minutes and was a comfy sleep. The second day it could have used more air.

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