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75 reviews for Luxury Cadence Et – King Koil

  1. Anonymous

    Queen King Koil – Very happy with our purchase! Bed is comfortable. Not too firm, not too soft.

  2. Anonymous

    Mattress – This mattress was purchased for a guest room and has only been slept on once with a report that is was very comfortable. The salesman was very helpful and polite.

  3. Anonymous

    Just right for the spare room! – I needed a mattress for my fathers spare bedroom so I had a place to sleep when I visited. I didn’t want to spend a lot but I wanted something that was nice and comfortable.

  4. Anonymous

    Highly recommended – This mattress has just enough firmness topped with a pillow top that has just enough softness! The price is perfect and the customer service was out of this world. No one trying to force me.

  5. Anonymous

    Great mattress – I am so happy with my purchase. I haven’t slept this well in a long time. I definitely Recommend this mattress. The salesman was very knowledgeable and he listened to my needs.

  6. Anonymous

  7. Aeidan

    This ended up NOT being the color I was looking for; but if you are in need of some very bright orange fur, this is the stuff for you! The fur itself is super soft, and the backing is very.

  8. Anonymous

    Cheap Mattress for College Kid’s Appartment – Nice product at the right price. My child needed a mattress for a new college apartment. We saw many options and even ran into a manufacturers rep at the store who helped us with good advice.

  9. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

    King Koil Mattress & Boxed Spring – Great buy! Old mattress and boxed spring were removed and new mattress and boxed spring was delivered and set up in 5 minutes.

  11. Anonymous

  12. Snolfaroo

    This fur just arrived in the mail with the black I ordered and it’s amazing! Super soft and bright orange. More the colour of a bright orange party wig or safety vest than what the picture.

  13. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

  15. DipsyDotWorkshop

    I made an entire fursuit out of just this pink fur years back and still had extra! I dug it out and it’s still good! Two thumbs up ^^ I’m not going to have to order extra for his refurbish!.

  16. Anonymous

    Incredible mattress! – Buying this mattress was an amazing investment. Such a comfortable bed to sleep on and the service and delivery was very prompt and professional.

  17. Anonymous

  18. Anonymous

    Buyer Beware – Not a standard sized bed! – I bought the twin mattress and much to my dismay there was about a 4 inch gap between the mattress and my bed frame. After measuring the mattress I realized it was only 36 inches wide, not.

  19. Anonymous

    Superb Buy – I recently stayed in a bed in a breakfast in Maine–and loved the mattress I slept on. (I’ve got neck and shoulder issues to the mattress is often crucial.

  20. Anonymous

    Sleep in comfort – It’s hard to get out of bed after sleeping on this very comfortable mattress. You look forward to relaxing at the end of the day. I like it very much.

  21. Anonymous

    Welcome to a restful night’s sleep – My old mattress was still in good looking shape, but had outlasted the years I needed an extra firm mattress. My new King Koil plush is so comfortable, I sleep right through the night.

  22. Anonymous


  23. Anonymous

    Just right – Bought this for my guest bedroom and it was given an A plus By my first guest. She couldn’t believe it was a firm mattress. Would highly recommend.

  24. Anonymous

    Fantastic!!! – I really like this mattress. It’s really comfortable and it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

  25. Anonymous

    My husband and I are sleeping so much better… – My husband and I are sleeping so much better since purchasing this mattress. It’s not too firm or too soft, so you get support without feeling like you’re sleeping on a board.

  26. HideandCotton

    I use this fur for fur vests and it is fluffy and gorgeous! Thick pile but not too bad on your machine Silky soft! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Review photo 1 Photo This action will.

  27. Anonymous

    Very satisfied – Very happy with what I bought slept like a baby. The delivery guys came set it up fast. Very happy with the service.

  28. Anonymous

  29. Anonymous

    Great Quality for Price – This mattress is comfy! It’s not too firm and not too soft. I love it! I was a little nervous before I bought it because the price is so low.

  30. furears

    This baby pink fur is very light, but it is beautiful nonetheless! It is very soft. Nice and fluffy! Great for ears and tails ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  31. Anonymous

    Hello my new Mattress – I have a California King Mattress and it is the best. I was not sure of down sizing to a Queen Mattress, but I must say that it was the best choice I love the way my body rest and the best.

  32. Anonymous

    Excellent & good quality – Best decision i made for my son he loves his new bed. Raymour and flanigan alway have good quality furniture which last a long time. I know when i shop with them im getting good stuff.

  33. Anonymous

    Instant Comfort – Great price and such an amazing mattress. The level of comfort is undeniable. I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

  34. Anonymous

  35. Anonymous

  36. plushmaven

    Gorgeous faux fur but if you are looking for 35mm fur this is not it. It is most definitely 50mm (2″) long. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  37. Anonymous

    Not what I expected mattress already had an indentation after sleeping on it for the first time. – Mattress after the first night of sleep had a indentation in it already. Was or is not as comfortable as I expected.

  38. Anonymous

    Great – love this mattress very comfortable the never disappoint.

  39. Anonymous

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    Extremely Satisfied – I was very pleased with the delivery men, they were great. Being disabled and unable to dismantle my other bed, they went the extra mile and did it for me.

  42. holymonkey_3

    Fur is bright and fun but does not glow under black light 🙁 Domain Expertise Intermediate ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  43. Anonymous

  44. Anonymous

  45. Anonymous

    Comfort – I am very happy with my king coil mattress purchase. In the past I have always bought Sealy’s. It is very comfortable and I am happy with it.

  46. Anonymous

    new Matress – The store was great the product was well priced and it was a convenient purchase. Loved the salesmen [Associate name removed].

  47. Anonymous

    great mattress… – great mattress sleep like a baby love it so much it is great.

  48. Anonymous

  49. Anonymous

    Absolutely love my mattress – I absolutely love my new bed. Best experience it’s comfortable for my back after I come home from work cause I work 19 hours of the day doing labor and I just needed a new way to sleep.

  50. Anonymous

    King Coil Mattress – We love our new Mattress! The comfort and quality is unbelievable and for what we paid for itwe just love it!!.

  51. Anonymous

    Wonderful comfort!! – very comfortable but still with support!! Very happy!!.

  52. Anonymous

  53. Anonymous

    Guest room – My first set of guests found this to be very comfortable. I slept in the guest room to try it out and found it very comfortable. I am very pleased with this purchase and will purchase future items.

  54. Fluorescent

    I bought this fur 2 years ago for a fursuit I made. It is very fluffy and cute and great! It shaves very nicely too! You cannot see the backing nor is it choppy if done correctly 😀 It came.

  55. Meii

    Soft, pastel and gorgeous. Its my favorite color and its even more beautiful as fur. Soft, fluffy and totally recommended. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  56. Anonymous

  57. Anonymous

  58. Anonymous

    Great price – So far so good! Great price for the quality. I’ll write another review after about a month or so.

  59. Anonymous

  60. Anonymous

  61. Anonymous

    great buy – I love my new mattress -and the service that came with it.

  62. Anonymous

    Mattress is unbelievably comfortable… – Mattress is unbelievably comfortable. My wife and I love it so much.

  63. Anonymous

    LOVE IT! – I purchased two of these mattress for my boys, without them being there to try them, and they just love it. They said it’s so comfortable that it just conforms to their bodies.

  64. Anonymous

    DO NOT BUY KING KOIL MATTRESS!!!! JUNK!! – I purchased a king koil mattress and box spring from Van Vreedes in 2014. It had a 10 year warranty. USELESS!!!! After less than 2 years it totally caved in. I flipped it every 2 months.

  65. Anonymous

    Supper Happy With Our King Koil Mattress Purchase – When choosing a bed we needed a firm mattress with back support for me but yet some cushioning for my husband and the King Koil Perfect Response Elite Lakeside Pillowtop was “the perfect” choice.

  66. Anonymous

    Great Delivery Time – The bed is great. It came when they said it would and the sales person was wonderful in working with our family.

  67. KnotSewPhotogenic

    It’s a very soft pink and super soft! Love it for making my vests. Domain Expertise Expert ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Knot Sew Photogenic Photo This action will open a modal dialog.

  68. Millz

    Originally I bought this fabric to make fur styles with but when I open the bag the fabric shed ridiculously, I cut the fabric to use and it got worse you have to shake off the excess fur a.

  69. Anonymous

    Very Happy – I am very much enjoying my new mattress. I was afraid it might be too soft but I’m glad I went with the softer mattress over the more firm mattress. While this is soft, it is still very supportive.

  70. Anonymous

    Great mattress – This mattress was purchased for a bedroom that is only used for guests and when child is home from college. The mattress is very comfortable and the price is perfect for this situation.

  71. Anonymous

  72. Anonymous

  73. Anonymous

    Ok – It’s pretty comfy for the price but honestly I could have gotten cheaper at another matress store, definitely shop around more. It’s not very thick and the euro top seems like it will be flattened.

  74. Anonymous

    Cloud 9 – The mattress is very comfortable. It’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. It is a 5 star hotel quality mattress. I’m in love.

  75. Anonymous

    I bought this fur, and I am severely disappointed. For one, it doesn’t really even look pink. It’s more of an orangish cream color. Not just that, but it reeks of cat urine.

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