Girl Scout Sleep-n-pack

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5 reviews for Girl Scout Sleep-n-pack

  1. Linda,

    Thin Mints cereal is really good – While in Walmart I passed a display that had the Thin Mints cereal displayed. I ended up coming back to pick up a box.

  2. LilIsTheBest,

    Stick to the cookies, forget the cereal – I love the cookies but this cereal did not reflect the taste of the cookies. The cereal has a very artificial boring taste.

  3. Lor,

    Love this cereal. You can really taste the mint and it is extra crunchy. I eat it as a snack.

  4. Dave,

    Best cereal ever! – Okay, best cereal ever might be a little over the top, but seriously this stuff tastes great. If you like thin mints, you’re going to like this cereal.

  5. Limey11,

    Yummy – If you like the Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies you will love this cereal. I am not a lover of cereals as I find them either too sweet or blah. Thought I would try this one as I love the cookies.

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