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Hollyhock HB Plus Battery Specialists, a family owned and operated business, are the largest wholesale battery suppliers Australia wide. With more than 30 years of industry experience, our products are the ideal solution for all your business battery requirements.




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17 reviews for Duracell Coppertop 1.5v Aa B…

  1. BakingbytheBeach,

    Better than rechargeable – Always used rechargeables for my digital camera. Very expensive and just won’t hold a charge. Tried many brands, never happy.

  2. DJJohnJay,

    Duracell Batteries are the bomb – When I was in elementary school I did a science project comparing 10 different battery brands. Duracell won. Now I’m a famous DJ and I only trust Duracell batteries in my wireless microphones.

  3. Anonymous

    Great Value!!!! – Great value fast shipping.

  4. binkyalb,

    duracells – I have used all versions of this brand of batteries for yrs. I got so tired of buying the cat batteries and the other because they were cheaper.

  5. LynnRae64,

    Good Bargain – Every year that this is offered I buy it. As much as we now use battery operated items, I’m always needing more batteries. It is a great savings and the batteries are very reliable.

  6. Becca,

    Science Project on Battery Quality – Hi I am doing a science project for school on the longest lasting battery. I am testing Duracell Coppertop, Energizer Ultimate Lithium, Eveready SUPER HEAVY DUTY, and Panasonic batteries.

  7. Duke,

    protecting your devices from battery leaks – I have used Duracell Coppertop (alkaline) batteries for years. Dependable as they are, they can still fail. Duracell offers a generous guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

  8. Joellie,

    Buying these products online is a blessing for me But the product is of great use for all things in my home. I will defintely reccommend this product to be bought @ all Walmart Stores whether.

  9. Cobie,

    Excellent – Reading the Reviews i am quite disturbed. I buy Duracell Batteries almost exclusively and have never had a problem with them.

  10. nelrome,

    Instead of Rayovac – In being on a tight budget I would buy Rayovac batteries for the price and quantities. The only thing was that the Rayovac batteries would not last long. I would go through them pretty fast.

  11. Spanishteach

    I am a Goodwill toy shopper. I often find little electronic toy gadgets disposed of because the batteries are gone. My granddaughter loves princess phones and play cameras and baby Elmos, etc.

  12. ahorber,

    Battery popped and no support – I have been buying Duracell batteries for as long as I have owned my house. I have tried others but always come back to Duracell because of their quality.

  13. nigma,

    Great batteries – They are Duracell batteries at a reasonable price compared to some stores. I find Duracell batteries to be reliable and last longer. You can’t top the coppertop.

  14. Anonymous

  15. babsygirl,

    Duracell coppertop batteries – I ordered these in praparation of the up coming Huricane season and am trying to get prepared before hand to be ready if power is off. We have always used Duracell batteries.

  16. ding,

    Failed – I purchased Duracell “C” cell batteries for a three cell Mag-Lite that I keep in my car for emergency use. This flash lite is rarely used.

  17. Harvey W,

    Perfect amount at a terrific price ! – A lot of things in my home require AAA batteries so I like keeping them handy. I can’t find this brand at a value that comes close anywhere else in such a generous size–16 batteries !.

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