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Watch bread toast before your very eyes with this convenient Camp Stove Toaster. The heavy steel plate won’t warp and its coated wires won’t rust, either. Sure Grip wire toast holders secure the bread in place without slipping. The toaster make up to 4 slices of toast at once and folds compactly for easy storage.





21 reviews for Camp Stove Toaster – Coghlan’s

  1. RyanC

    The function, making toasts, is great. I like it. But, the bottom part get rusty easily.

  2. Alex in a Car

    We LOVE this for making toast. It’s so good we use it during blackouts too!However, the base is made from mild steel and rusts up after the first use, and just gets worse.

  3. Funforall,

    Really handy! – Makes great toast if you move the bread several times during cooking. These things last forever, and don’t take up much room in the camping box.

  4. gcat

    I have had the same toaster from tent to travel trailer and yes back to tent I love toast it works well still on original toaster. It will work quicker if you put a piece on the top and dont.

  5. AR15Windham

    This is a great little toast maker for camp, I use it on a gas stove where we do not have electricity. This is nothing fancy and for those who have never used one make sure you watch the bread,.

  6. Tim P

    This is a solid toaster for people that like toast when they are out camping. You can place 1-4 slices of bread on the prefabricated slot, and then place right on a burner.

  7. PlanetMike

    I love it and love how easy it is to use, the only downside is how the toast smells like propane afterward sometimes + Pros: Long lasting, Ease of use, Value for money, Well made/Durable.

  8. catsrcozy,

    very cool – We used this product this past weekend on our travel 2 burner grill and it worked perfect. Not only does it fit regular bread but we actually used it for english muffins.

  9. rafgat

    this little toaster is one of the best things i ever got for camping. at first i did not think it was a good buy but it proved me wrong.

  10. JayMan035

    this is great, i have had one of these for almost 4 years and am now replacing it as it broke on the last camp trip. i have seen these go for upwards of $11 from other brands, for under $5.

  11. ace2die

    This is a great idea for a family camping trip. When using my coleman stove this bad boy is there.

  12. vortexfish

    We fish all over Canada ,some camps have toasters “but” they don’t work that’s when we pull out our little toaster place it on the stove and in a few minutes we have toast with our breakfast.

  13. lisamtho,

    works great – Works great. I was surprised that it worked so well. You can use it on any kind of burner. It works great on camp stoves. We really enjoy having it.

  14. FishboyMark

    It works good it takes 4-6 min per side on high would give it five stars if it was faster + Pros: Ease of use, Value for money ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  15. Wizzardmccoy,

    Stove top toaster.. it works.. – What more to say. works great on gas or propane stoves. including camp stoves. .

  16. Ssar

    My family has been using this style of toaster for 35 years- in fact, the very same toaster has been going for 35 years! Even toast, quick and easy to make over the stove! ✔ Yes, I recommend.

  17. PieGuy,

    Handy Item – It’s designed for camping, but will work great on a gas cooktop when the power is out. Simple and compact.

  18. Jerome Howard

    I have one of these that is over 30 years old and still hanging in there. OCCASIONALLY the wires pop out but they can be easily popped back in.

  19. M & P

    This is cheap, simple, and easy to use. We use it to make toast on our Coleman stove. You have to watch it – it doesn’t pop up when the toast is ready, but it is camping.

  20. NicM

    I bought this toaster to see if it would be useful for an upcoming fully-loaded bike tour on the US West Coast. It’s a little bit larger than I expected it would be, but it works just as expected.

  21. ironpanda

    This easily makes great toast and Poptarts (our child needed 1 comfort food!). We flipped the toast once and they came out perfect, depending on the individual’s preference for toast.

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