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Go Green! These LED light sets are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The mini lantern string light set comes with 10 white mini lanterns on a white wire that feature a dual color option. Lanterns can be set to cool white or warm white. Each lantern produces a holographic star effect. A classy decoration for many occasions.


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35 reviews for Battery-operated Mini Lantern String Light – White Wire – Fortune Products

  1. podofhappiness,

    Just the Cutest Lights – Just got back from Utah where we stayed at a cabin with no outside lights. These little lights were fantastic. They helped light up the large deck so that we could sit out or just grill.

  2. Glenda G

    This Academy Employee loves hers! – I bought two to use to save my light bill and reduce it. The light is super bright and we sell a whole display of these, in this style or the light bulb style, both put out a lot of light.

  3. uncajurl1

    Beat the heat. – I have used propane and gas powered lanterns for years but hated the heat they generate. Too hot to use inside a tent in the summer not to mention the fear of a tip over with gas powered lanterns.

  4. Melinda

    Disgreet/sleek – I use this in a cabinet that is deep, every time I use to have to use my cell phone for a light, now I have this attached with 3M tape and in a snap I can see everything.

  5. L Banks

    Perfect Match – After shrimping on pier’s without lighting at night with daughter. I decided it was time for an investment in a lantern. This was a Perfect Match for the night time activity.

  6. Aaron C

    Nice feature to my camping gear – I recently ordered this lantern and I think its great!! Tested it out a few nights just outside the house and i’m pleased with the light output and I like the different brightness modes. I.

  7. HeatherBooMomof2

    Works as described – I bought this product when it was 50% off and I thought I got a great deal. The light is a great functioning right and this speaker is awesome too.

  8. Trish,

    Looks Beautiful BUT…. – We purchased the turquoise colored lights and it looks and matches beautifully in my daughters room, she loves it, it lights her her entire small room. We only had this for about 3-5 months.

  9. Arcman72

    Worth the $$ – It seemed a little expensive but turned out to be worth every penny. It came in handy on its first use , incredibly it stuck to some thin sheet metal like a leech to a nutsack.

  10. DiamondsAreForever,

    Lucky I Guess – I had the pink ones. Bought last year. They were supposed to last 90 days mine lastest a whole year until i moved to a new place. Still have them hanging just waiting for my new set.

  11. platpus

    Thought these lites good during power outages. – Company was very accomodating because the 1st shipment had one defective lite and they gave me a replacement order.

  12. Erin,

    Perfect Amount of Lighting – These Paper Lantern String Lights by Mainstays are so great! I got two strings and hung them around my bedroom. The amount of lighting they provide is just right and they are an easy accent.

  13. Morgan,

    Don’t last – I loved these string lights but after about 2 months they quit working. I thought maybe I just got a bad pack so I went out and bought another pack.

  14. Marisa

    Good, quality lamp! – This was a very bright lantern! It was great for camping. I highly recommend it.

  15. RGR67

    Almost to bright – Even on low its pretty bright. Lights up my tent..

  16. Englejkp

    Brighter than bright! – This is an awesome light! Talk about lighting an area up, it turned night to day and not just a small area, I mean a big area. The cob LED’s on this light are intensely bright! The light has.

  17. Polmbus,

    Awesome addition! – I bought these just for fun but they ended up being a great addition to our campsite! They provided great light and we used then on the entrance to our tent – fun ambiance plus totally useful!.

  18. Tt,

    Don’t last but are pretty – Easy to hang up and once on looks really nice. After around 2 months they stopped working, I thought they were broke but I got them to work again. a week or two later they stopped working again.

  19. SpursBallAL

    Great product!!! – Glad I purchased it, came in handy with my Coleman Stove and Coffee maker during the power outage here In CC, TX. after Hurricane Harvey, Would no have survived afterwards.

  20. Henry k

    Amazing well thought out light – I bought this to use an emergency light in my boat. Plenty of light out of this little guy plus 3 intensity settings. Coolest thing is the rubber skirt on it to make it more compact while in a bag.

  21. newdawn111,

    Great lights – These were perfect for us. They lit up the whole tent and they were easy to string up in the tree. This is the only light I brought except for a flash light.The hung easy in the tent.

  22. Anna

    Not what is pictured – Not sure of the quality since I plan on returning this. I ordered it online and part of the reason I ordered was because I liked the color pictured. What I received was all black.

  23. spudsthename,

    percect for scouts – wow,these little lights put out some serious light.I used these at boyscout summer camp in north goergia inside and outside my tent.

  24. Cody

    Perfect for kids – I bought 3 of these for my kids. They are always leaving flashlights on and draining the batteries.

  25. Momofnewteen,

    decorative string lights – These are really cute and my daughter loves them. She uses them as a night light and the light is soft enough to sleep but bright enough to read to.

  26. Angela,

    3 different strands, all stopped working – I had 3 strings hung up in my room, I put them up the end of August and it’s now Dec. 6. I had no problem with them. Today I carefully took them down to put them in my daughters room.

  27. OShanArtist

    Very handy – I bought 3 of these, and I love them all. 2 are in my studio to brighten up my desk and the third floats around the apartment.

  28. DerekLee

    Great for kayaking – Used it three times while kayak fishing. Plenty bright for a spot light or clipped to my pfd as a lantern. Well worth the money.

  29. JeanieB

    Worked a lot better than I expected!! – The lanterns worked better than I expected! It’s compact size didn’t deter its brightness!! Great for camping!!.

  30. Friarj,

    Easy to hang – I just bought these and hung them around my porch. They look great. I hope they will last, time will tell.

  31. careylarabee,

    The Cutest Lights! – The string is about 5-1/2′ long. One strand is great for a tent held on with clothespins, three strands great for a cabin. Throw off a huge amount of light but do not attract insects.

  32. trimmeredgerguy,

    What’s more festive than paper lanterns? – For whatever reason it’s hard to find affordable electric light strings that can be extended by plugging into each other. These do/are and look great to dress up our living room.

  33. Me,

    great lighting for any room. easy to put up and remove.

  34. Garrettgroup

    Love it!!! – I bought this to put on the fascia area of our pergola. An economical solution for great light!!! We are returning to purchase more today.

  35. Bushyeye

    Best lantern Ive ever bought. – I bought this lantern back in November of last year. I’ve taken it on over 50 nights camping and also took it to the Men’s retreat just last weekend. It is very bright and light weight.

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