13″ Star Americana Battery-operated Lanterns

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Let this 13″ Star Americana Battery-Operated Lantern light the way for patriotic magic. Finished in red, white or blue, this metal lantern features an interior candle that has a glowing warmth that flickers through the openwork star designs and frosted panels.

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28 reviews for 13″ Star Americana Battery-operated Lanterns

  1. Rashele

    I purchased the Notebook 9 Pen 15″ with NVIDIA dedicated graphics and oh my gosh I love this computer. So the keyboard has a nice soft gentle touch to type but is a real keyboard.

  2. NicholasC

    Consumer Reports appointed the Notebook 9 Pen the “Best laptop of the Year” for 2019 in the 15-inch category, displacing the long-time champ, macbook pro.With 16GB ram and an i7 this laptop.

  3. PrincessPickles

    I’ve replaced light fixtures before but these are SUPER easy!! What I really like is they come with the wire screw things (I have no idea what they are called). They came with an installation.

  4. RockStarUWS

    I have only had the laptop for a week but so far it has exceeded my expectations. This is my first Windows machine in 15 years.

  5. Okay,

    I gave this bed a 3 star because as u can see by the pictures enclosed it is not 13 inches. I followed the instructions on how to unbox the bed and I’ve had the bed for a few weeks now.

  6. Bob

    Purchased these as a daily deal to replace 2 out of date & not used ceiling fans in a couple bedrooms. Easy to install and they look great. Would never believe they were only about $10 each.

  7. hotstuff57,

    Great Memory Foam Mattress – We are currently updating our home room by room. Right now we are working on the guest bedroom that is used by our children and grandchildren and of course other relatives whenever they seem.

  8. pebbles1111,

    awesome mattress – ordered this after I saw all the great reviews and I have to say for the price of this mattress it is awesome. it is really thick and soft and comfy.

  9. Kaymarie,

    I got this mattress for my mother she loves it and my kids loved watching it come out the box and inflate its awesome I would highly recommend this mattress.

  10. Dottie

    We LOVE this light. Easy to install, uses two light bulbs and can be the traditional bulb or the new CFL bulbs. I prefer the traditional but have used both.

  11. Anonymous

  12. Ken

    This light set was very economical yet the quality was completely satisfactory. The light installation was very basic and we are happy with the looks. We used LED lights in them.

  13. lopezl,

    In love with my new GranRest mattress – I received my new GranRest 13 Inch Gel Memory Foam Top Euro Box Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress,Full size and was super excited. It came in a box .

  14. PhillyBill,

    no regrets – I was initially reluctant to purchase a bed in a box but was quite intrigued by the idea of a hybrid coil/memory foam mattress. I read tons of reviews on several models and was all set to purchase.

  15. Sherice,

    First hybrid matress in a box. – Although it’s to firm for my liking, everyone else seems to think the bed is just right. And we all agree that it’s a great quality matress.

  16. Flutterby1014

    I bought these to replace the 30 year old brass fixtures in my home to update the look.

  17. Greg

    Purchased these to replace 1990s gold chrome in my house. They are VERY easy to install in under 10 minutes. They look great and far more expensive than the 2 for $25 price would suggest.

  18. mrsreed,

    Great mattress!!! – This mattress is great. Ordered a king.

  19. Anonymous

    For school, the touchscreen with the SPEN is AMAZING because you get to write directly onto lecture slides! The color, the sound, and keyboard are all so great! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  20. Stephanie,

    I HATE IT! – I HATE this mattress! I’ve had it for 1 MONTH now. I usually set in 2 certain spots on this mattress. I weigh 107 pounds.

  21. asiriusbee

    I just bought this today at Micro Center and I am overjoyed!!! For this price point, you want mega features and this bad boy delivers! 8gb/512gb, Fn Lock key, backlit keyboard, fingerprint.

  22. Domino,

    Just be ready when you open already have it in place where you want the mattress. I love this mattress.

  23. Evelyn210e

    Best laptop I had in a while. The battery lasts for a long time and charges very quickly. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

  24. msbobthebuilder

    I just bought a brand new home and was surprise to learn that my 2 smaller bedroom did not come with lights. After searching for someone to install these for me, I decided to install these.

  25. Steve67

    This product is manufactured for Lowe’s. I purchased this light in a package of two to replace some existing fixtures.

  26. Nick

    Having a family with 4 kids, things happen. It so happened that I needed to replace a broken ceiling lamp in the hallway of the house.

  27. Shawn P

    This is my third Samsung laptop (Q470, 9 (2014) and now 2019 Pen. This is my first tablet with pen PC (Note 2,4,8 Phone user). Purchased about a month ago, I wanted to wait to review this.

  28. Jmarvin4888

    Bought this laptop the day after it was released and have had it for about a week now. Laptop has great performance for games I’ve played on it and the battery for school last me all day.

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